Dear Artists, Supporters, and Patrons of African Continuum Theatre Company:

After over 25 years of serving the community with high-quality artistic productions, arts education, and community engagement, African Continuum Theatre Company will permanently close its doors.

When we began in 1989 as the African Continuum Theatre Coalition, our goal was to bolster the work of several African-American theatre companies in the Washington, D.C. region and bring greater visibility to artists of color. As the organization evolved into a professional theatre company, our mission shifted towards producing high-quality programming that preserved and highlighted African-American history and culture.

We have served our purpose and have greatly contributed to the arts community, as we set out to do more than two decades ago. Simply put: mission accomplished.

There is a strong community of artists of color across the District, many of whom were launched and/or enriched by our organization; and now, more than ever, there are an abundance of artists and companies working to move the legacy of African-American theatre forward. We are immensely proud of the contributions we have made to theatre in general, and African-American theatre in particular. Mainstream stages are engaging artists of color in unprecedented numbers, administrators of color are shepherding innovative work all over the world, and young artists are creating bold theatrical responses to the world around them.

African Continuum Theatre Company would like to thank all the artists, technicians, funders, and audience members who have been such an important part of our journey over the years. Without you, our mission would have never been achieved.

This is not an end, but a stage in the continuum of the African-American theatre tradition. We look back fondly at the great accomplishments of our past, and we look forward, with confidence, to the future of African-American theatre.


Thembi Duncan
Producing Artistic Director 

Dwight D. Deneal, Chairman
Board of Directors