Gypsy & The Bully Door

by Nina Angela Mercer

Directed by Eric Ruffin

March 14-29 —  Atlas Performing Arts Center

Sara Josephine James – hairstylist, fortuneteller, and aspiring dancer – is haunted in the nation’s capital. The City eats its residents and exiles their spirits to her apartment. When Sara’s childhood friend is murdered by the police, Sara creates a response that the local authorities cannot ignore. Soon after, she changes her name and escapes to New York, where she quickly realizes that the doors to freedom are more difficult to pass through than she ever imagined.

Gypsy & The Bully Door is a ritual performance of transformation fueled by dreams, dance, love, and the infectious rhythms of go-go music.

Trailer Directed by Rachel Eliza Griffiths
Artwork by Fabiola Jean-Louis